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As we move forward with our customers’ needs in mind, we acknowledge the importance of prompt & efficient solutions in engineering, manufacturing, logistics and support services that offer the most gainful option in each scenario.

TIBO continues to optimize its offer by strengthening and developing partnerships globally to be your ally and key partner at the right time, at the right place.

Our vision and business model as an integrator have therefore led us to the closing of our Puebla tool shop effective July 31st, 2020. Our corporate values have allowed us to cover all considerations for the reassurance of our clients´ projects as well as our former staff members. Despite this closure, TIBO guarantees to continue providing top level service and quality that characterize our brand performance through our team of Sales, Technical Specialists, Project Managers in Mexico, Canada and USA.

We are certain you will find our team readily able to serve you the moment you need us, right there alongside your project and customer demands.

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