Our Experts

Marc Thibault

President & CEO

At the head of the family business since 2008 and demonstrating outstanding leadership, Marc Thibault has developed exceptional technical expertise and extensive knowledge of the industry worldwide during his 30 years of experience at TIBO. Responsible for the strategic vision of the company, he ensures on a daily basis that TIBO remains a leader in its field.

418-789-2891 ext. 212

Dave Lefrançois

VP Sales & Operations

Since 2008, Dave Lefrancois enables TIBO’s clients to achieve their goals and meet their challenges with his mix of curiosity, creativity, and passion. Dave has over 15 years of experience in the world of plastic injection, product development, international procurement, and technical sales.

Skype : dave.lefrancois

Sandra Tremblay

Strategic & Business Development Director

Sandra Tremblay has been working for over 15 years in developing markets in Latin America and has a deep knowledge of the culture of this continent. Perfectly trilingual (English, French and Spanish), she maintains excellent relationships with customers and contributes to TIBO’s international development. In addition, she ensures the proper management of TIBO Mexico.

Ghislain Laliberté

Director - Engineering

For Ghislain Laliberté, each mold is unique; his thirty years of experience ensures sustainability and optimal efficiency of the molds designed under his supervision. Ghislain’s technical expertise is first put to use during the bidding process, and he also oversees the analysis and design exercises molds.

418-789-2891 ext. 202

Bruno Moras

Specialist - Injection and processes

Nearly 40 years of experience in molding parameters adjustment makes Bruno Moras a real expert, a key element of our technical team, particularly in molding technical support and delivering tools to their site of production. His expertise and advice have a direct and significant impact on the productivity of each of our clients.

Dominique Mathieu

Production Manager

Dominique Mathieu has been part of the TIBO team since 1995. He is responsible for planning, quality processes, purchasing and production for TIBO Canada (Saint-Damien). Dominique is an authority in the industry, and he has an extensive background in mold making as well as a deep knowledge of mold manufacturing operations.

418-789-2891 ext. 258