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Project Manager

Full time


  • Summary:
    Provide follow-up and ensure the effective management of new manufacturing projects and / or mold services (including maintenance, repair and / or engineering changes) requested by the client, with the quality standards established to effect a successful closure.

    - Plan and coordinate the multifunctional execution of one or more complex projects in the manufacture or changes of Engineering of Plastic Injection Molds.
    - Coordinate the preparation of prototypes of material requirements to ensure production or service and delivery on time.
    - Develop a solid understanding of the client's technical needs and quality requirements.
    - Responsible for directing and facilitating the activities of the members of the interfunctional teams for the achievement of the objectives in cost, times and quality in the project.
    - Manage and supervise the execution of projects in accordance with the processes and procedures of TIBO.
    - Maintain a good relationship between the project team and clients with a win-win vision.
    - Implement advanced project management tools and techniques, appropriate to drive project execution.
    - Identify possible risks in the projects assigned to prevent, minimize and / or respond with key solution actions.
    - Concentrate evidence for the client and TIBO on the start, development and closure of the project.
    - Presentations with clients to start, follow up and close the product or service contracted.
    Perform the Final Validation of the Product and / or service and Approval


  • Experience:
    3 years in the manufacture of molds or plastic injection molds as a project engineer, project manager or similar position

    Engineer in Metal-Mechanics, Mechanical-Electrical, Mechatronics or related career.

    Requirements and knowledge required:
    - General knowledge in the manufacture of molds.
    - Management of integral tools for project management.
    - Interpretation of designs or technical drawings.
    - Management of the Catia and / or Rhino program.


  • Job's related challenge(s):
    will be responsible for maintaining an effective and continuous communication with our clients, providing timely internal / external monitoring and managing the conditions for a successful closure of the project or service contracted.

    Specific Working Conditions:
    Hours: Monday to Friday with availability to travel.
    Position: Permanent

    Salary & Conditions:
    Competitive salary and benefits superior to those of law.



A career at TIBO offers the ability to grow with competent and experienced teams, and presents the opportunity to work with equipment at the cutting edge of technology.

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